Private Nutrition Counseling and Coaching

Initial session will last about 60 minutes. We will review your medical history including labs, food preferences, eating behaviors, lifestyle and discuss what has worked for you in the past and what hasn’t. We will work together to develop a personalized nutrition plan to reach your healthy nutrition habits.

Follow-up visit will last approximately 30 minutes. We will review your progress and pitfalls, review food records, labs and discuss any questions that may come up since the initial visit.

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Dairy Free Support

We’re here to help you on your dairy free journey. We will discuss dairy free options, grocery lists, recipe adjustments to ensure you can navigate this change to optimize your nutrition.

Plant-Based Assistance

Let’s discuss how to make the plant based lifestyle work for you ensuring you meet all of your nutrition goals.

Cooking Classes

Whether you’re an advanced or beginning, this is for individuals or group sessions for those who want to learn how to cook, or are looking to engage more in the kitchen. We offer group dinner parties or birthday party classes. (This is for ages 5+.)

Dining Out Assistance

As your registered dietitian, let me help you make the best food decisions when ordering out or attending a meal with friends or family. I can help to tailor your personal dietary needs.

Kitchen & Pantry Makeover

This can help to incorporate healthy nutrition habits to optimize your quality of life. We will discuss some food safety and meal prep tips and tricks. If you’re short on time, let me do the food shopping for you to help stock your fridge.

Supermarket Tours

Let’s work together during your food shopping experience to read food labels, and figure out the do’s and don’ts when purchasing your products.

Group Presentations and Public Speaking

Podob nutrition is available for group presentations and public speaking workshop events. Please inquire by emailing

Let’s take the first step together! A visit with me is the first step to customizing your own personal wellness program.
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